Fresh, frozen, & dried berries


Frozen with Greek Yogurt and 
Greek Thyme Honey


Coming soon ...

We are sorry. We know you are suffering with the anticipation ...

Next crop is expected around August 2020 unless Dutch weather screws everything up.

Prolonged subzero temperatures (  -10 or less ) would create problems. The biggest problem, however , would be lack of rain like the past 2 years. Holland without rain ?!?! Climate change is REAL. Do something about it.

We strongly suggest you subscribe to our news so that we can keep you posted. Our production is small and could be sold in no time.

Berries are very perishable but fortunately they freeze very well and you can stock up for your cakes, smoothies, and all kinds of gourmet delights.

Many people have also discovered what a great snack dried berries can be.

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