Buy a Best Choice Bamboo   &

Specialist hobby growers of TOP quality :

Exotic Bamboo ( Phyllostachys and Fargesia )

Bamboo is a material of the future 
and only possible replacement for plastics :⁣

  It is fully natural ⁣

🌱  The fastest growing plant. Some can grow up to 1m per day⁣

🌍  Does not require any fertiliser⁣ nor pesticides

💨  Absorbs more co2 than other plants⁣

💪🏼  Strength to weight ratio better than steel⁣

🔨  Multiple uses and possible to fabricate in any shape ⁣

🔨  Can be harvested in 3-4 years as opposed 
to 50 years for hardwood

🌱  NO deforestation !

There are over 1,000 species of bamboo. After very careful consideration
 experimentation, and research we have decided to concentrate on only 8 species. 

Our bamboo are "the best choice" for a fabulous garden. 

As a hedge, windbreak/noisebreak, sunblock and/or 
as a gorgeous ornamental specimen plant. 

We prefer being absolute experts in what we grow 
and we can only do that with a small number of species.

Needless to say that we have access to a huge variety of plants 
from partners and other growers.

If you want it we can find it for you

Prices vary according to the size of the pot ( how many litres ), the height, the number of culms ( canes ), rarity, availability, quantity bought, condition, beauty, etc., etc. 
Approximate price is more or less an average ± 25-40 euros for a beautiful plant.

5 of our species are Fargesia 'Clumping" bamboos which means you can grow them in either pots or in the ground without worries that they will take over your garden and/or your neighbour's.

Fargesia Nitida Black Pearl   Google Images

Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 4 Black Cherry  Google Images

Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 1 Red Panda Fountain bamboo  Google Images

Fargesia Robusta Campbell  Google Images

Fargesia Rufa  Google Images

The remaining 3 species are Phyllostachys or "Running" bamboos. These require a root barrier ( Google Images ) otherwise you (and your neighbour) will drown in bamboo. An alternative would be to plant them in big containers but you would deprive them of their full majestic potential.   -   The 3 species are :

Phyllostachys Nigra - Also known as the Black Bamboo. A famous Dutch bamboo guru doesn't recommend this. On the other hand The Royal Horticultural Society in the UK  has given it a Garden Merit award. The fact is most people love it.  Google Images

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Spectabilis  Gorgeous ! Google Images

Phyllostachys Parvifolia   Gorgeous + new shoots are a true delicacy.
( Peel, boil for 2 hours and stir fry in a wok with Teriyaki sauce -:)  )  Google Images

Parvifolia edible shoot

4 items above made from bamboo

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